All Together Now

Includes the short novel Odd One Out.

Shortlisted for General Fiction Book of the Year in the 2009 Australian Book Industry Awards.

A group of friends on an unconventional diet learn some important life lessons, a fashion-challenged grandmother weaves some magic in a dusty charity shop, a grieving young mother takes a healing journey, and a shy woman from a family of high-achievers learns to follow her dreams.

From the internationally bestselling author of Those Faraday Girls comes All Together Now, a collection of Monica McInerney’s short fiction gathered between two covers for the first time. Including several of her earliest magazine short stories, contributions to recent anthologies, her warm and witty novella Odd One Out, and two new stories, this is a book to inspire and delight fans of all ages.

Family relationships, sibling rivalry, love lost and love found – these stories touch on the popular themes of Monica McInerney’s hugely successful novels, and are brimming with her trademark colour, warmth and humour.


Monica McInerney is a writer who makes you feel better. Even when her stories are about the challenges of life and relationships in particular, she manages to knit something worthwhile out of despair …These are stories that will edify and bring a tear to the eye as well. Yes, this can be from laughter at McInerney’s sense of fun and playfulness, but also in the tender observations she makes of the frailty of love and life.
The Mercury, Tasmania

This is a welcome collection of short stories from the Australian best-selling author of Those Faraday Girls. Following her familiar themes of family relationships and sibling rivalries, these are sparkling stories filled with warmth and wit.
Launceston Examiner


McInerney understands what makes a good conventional short story: a revelation, an unexpected twist, a surprise ending. She has made her name as a writer of warm-hearted, family-oriented popular fiction and these stories will please her fans.
Sydney Morning Herald

Monica McInerney writes with great warmth, and with innate understanding of what it is like to be part of a large family…She knows the joys and sorrows of love and lost love, she understands the rivalry which can so easily exist amongst siblings, and she has an observant eye for all human foibles. This is an almost irresistible cocktail, particularly for the rather difficult short story genre. Meet the effervescent Monica McInerney in this volume, and you’ll be chorusing “all together now” in her praise, and watching for more.
Ballarat Courier

Fans of Monica McInerney will lap up her latest… The characters are sympathetically drawn and endearing.
The Age, Melbourne

Perfectly timed, this is ideal holiday fodder… a selection of heart-warming short stories and one novella for dipping in and out of between dozes on the hammock. From the grandmother organising people’s lives from the vantage point of an op-shop, to the grieving young mother trying to outrun her guilt, to a pair of sisters and their wedding problems, McInerney sorts out the problems of the world.
Townsville Bulletin