A Farewell To 2020

And so (nearly) farewell to 2020, that strange and unforgettable year. I hope you and all your family are feeling optimistic about 2021 – may it be calmer and brighter for us all. I want to say a very big thanks to all of you in Australia & New Zealand for giving The Godmothers such a warm welcome this year. I’m so delighted you’ve enjoyed it, thank you for your many beautiful messages, comments and reviews. It will be published in the UK & Ireland on January 21, 2021, and I hope it finds many happy readers there too.

New Year’s Eve is a time to look back as well as look forward, so I’ve put together this gallery of my research and behind-the-scenes photos for The Godmothers, taken in Edinburgh, London, Gretna Green and Ireland. No spoilers, I promise, if you haven’t read it yet. But if you have finished it, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the real places behind my fictional story, and enjoy seeing my glorious niece and research assistant Ruby, and also my dear friend John Neville in Dublin, to whom The Godmothers is dedicated.

Happy New Year, everyone! Love and warmest wishes, Monica xx