A Much Needed Return To Victor Harbour

Nineteen years ago, on a weekend away in the beautiful South Australian coastal town of Victor Harbor, I was walking around nearby Granite Island when I got an idea for a plot twist for my second novel, Upside Down Inside Out. Last night, I had the great pleasure of speaking at the Victor Harbor Public Library about my thirteenth book, The Godmothers. I’m hoping my visits will be much more frequent from now on! My warmest thanks to my great hosts Vicki and Judith of the Library; Sarah and Abbey of South Seas Books and Trading and the many readers who joined us and asked so many great questions. It was a treat to meet family friends Pat Chigwidden and Anna Kiernan too. My big thanks to booklover/librarian/reader Kimberley for her beautiful homemade bouquet of herbs from her garden, and to Vicki for the gift of the Victor Harbor tote bag, book and gorgeous local apricot chocolate (which was gone by the time I got back to Adelaide.) A final big thanks to my nephew & tour assistant Dominic McInerney for taking all the photos, including his selfie!

P.S. I’m doing three more ZOOM online events this week, if you’d like to join me you can register from anywhere in Australia or worldwide.