At the Dymocks Book Conference

Greetings from the Gold Coast! I had one extra date on my Australian book tour, up in sunny Queensland, as a guest speaker at the Dymocks Books conference. My warmest/sunniest thanks to all the Dymocks folk for their great hospitality and welcome, and also for their constant support of me and my books since the very beginning of my writing career. I was able to share photographic proof at the conference – the Dymocks Booklover newsletter from March 2001, announcing my first novel A Taste for It as their Book of the Month, the first time they’d chosen a debut author. I know their great support helped me so much, as it still does – 16 years later I’m as delighted that The Trip of a Lifetime is their July Book of the Month, and was a national Number 1 in their stores this month too. Thank you to everyone at Dymocks, from head office to every bookseller around the country, for bringing my books to Australian readers