Final Snippet Of The Godmothers

Today I’m sharing the last video in The Godmothers audiobook recording series. The star of this video is actor and voice artist Ella Scott Lynch, who you might recognise from her most recent role playing Nicola Gobbo, aka Lawyer X, in Channel Nine’s mini-series Informer 3838. In the audiobook Ella expertly narrates Olivia, one of the two godmothers. In this snippet she also voices a very annoyed Scottish temp secretary who has had more than enough of one of my naughtiest characters, Celine (who was a LOT of fun to write.)

If you’ve already listened to The Godmothers on audio I’d love to hear what you thought, otherwise you can listen to a sample of it here.

Huge thanks to producer Radhiah Chowdhury for her excellent work on the audiobook, and also for filming this video.