Hello Again Home and Away

Hello again, Home and Away! Last month when I was in Australia, I was surprised & delighted to see my novel The House of Memories pop up in an episode of Home and Away. Last night, back in Ireland, there it was again when the same episode aired here on RTE One! Thanks again Maggie, I (still) hope you get well soon. And thanks to my eagle-eyed Irish Facebook friends for spotting it and letting me know.

‘A wonderfully emotional and tense novel all about what happens when you try to bury grief … Mesmerising.’ – Red Magazine, UK

‘An exceptionally absorbing story, told in most engaging prose. Heartbreaking, yet lovely.’ – Image magazine, Ireland

‘This is a beautifully told story with real emotional depth. Another triumph for Monica McInerney & another great story for her readers.’ – Irish Independent

(If you’d like to see it, here’s the link on the RTE website – my book appears around the 17.44 minute mark.)