The 5 Of My Life

A snippet from THE 5 OF MY LIFE podcast interview I did with Nigel Marsh, now available online. As well as discussing my favourite book, song, place, film and possession, we spoke about how I met my Irish husband, growing up as a ‘railway kid’ in the Clare Valley of South Australia, and special moments with my late father. Thank you, Nigel, I loved being one of your guests. (Watching the video, I’m also relieved I didn’t knock over that glass of water with all the gesticulating I was doing…)

PS I’ve loved listening to Nigel’s other guests on THE 5 OF MY LIFE too, including Julia Gillard, Mary Coustas, Ronni Kahn, Kate McClymont, Jamila Rizvi, Andrew Penfold, Jan Fran and many others too – all available via this link. Happy listening!