Vintage covers and their designers

I think you may all have guessed just how delighted I am with the new vintage-style covers Penguin Books Australia has given all 12 of my books. Last week in Melbourne I had the big treat & honour of meeting the two very talented designers who created them. My huge thanks to Alex Ross and Louisa Maggio, for coming up with such an original look, for sourcing all those gorgeous and different patterns and for giving all my books (published over the past 18 years) such a fresh new style. Thanks too for patiently posing for all these photos with me, Alex & Louisa!

It was also great to meet up again with the terrific trio of Ellie Morrow, Jackie Money and Chloe Davies of Penguin’s marketing and publicity team, who do such brilliant work spreading the word about my books. Thanks to them also for joining me in an impromptu photo session, in a variety of poses too.